Little Poppet's Nursery Nook

It is with pride and admittedly a twinge of shame that I reveal to you the little nursery nook that I created for Little Poppet.  My dear husband and I can say we're into attachment parenting.  Or we can tell people we just love sleeping so close to our new baby.  Heck, we can even pretend we subscribe to a philosophy of living minutely, in small spaces with few things.  

The truth is, we can't afford anything but our current one-bedroom apartment, and while Little Poppet deserves her very own room, she has instead been given a little closet to live in.  Our bedroom closet, specifically.  But when I set about to transform it, I was determined to make it the best little nursery nook a little girl could ever want. And now my husband gets dressed in the living room, which he's perfectly happy to do just to give our girl her own little space.

So where did I start?  Well our bedroom closet had large fake wood (or should I say faux bois to sound fancy?) paneled sliding closet doors straight out of the 1980s.  Along with the popcorn stucco ceiling, the beige walls and matching carpet featured across the rest of our 500 square foot apartment, I didn't have a lot to work with.  But I wanted Little Poppet's nursery nook to look clean, simple, playful, sweet.  Oh, and--of course--a little Scandinavian.

So, I removed the doors, hanging rod, and all of our clothes.  I painted the interior and the door overhang white.  In place of the doors I put a long spring curtain rod and hung plain white curtains.  How about I shut up now, and just let you see what I did?

For those wondering, Little Poppets bassinet is the Bam bassinet by Argington.  It converts into a crib for when she's bigger.  (see below)

When Little Poppet turned four months old, she 'graduated' out of her bassinet to the big crib, which just fit into the closet.  And so, I finished the decorating.  I hung up a few illustrations of a sweet little girl and her animal friends.

Little Poppet rewarded all my hard work by sleeping for 12 straight hours in her new crib.

At 4 months old Little Poppet would still be sleeping in our room regardless of whether or not she had her own nursery.  We plan on room sharing as long as possible.  But I still can't help but wish I had something better for her.  What I am proud to say is that I poured my whole mummy heart into this little nook, and it's perfect for her.  

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