30 X 30 Nature Challenge -- Days 21-30

This is the last week of the #30x30challenge.  We've been really lucky that we've had such fair weather for the past two weeks.  It's been amazing to watch the environment almost explode into summer.  Some days have reached into the 30s already.  It's hard to even call this spring, and we've got over a month yet before it's officially summer.  There are lots of blooming trees and bushes right now, though.

Day 21
You didn't venture far today.  Just to the lot behind our apartment building.  But the weather was so nice.  When I was pregnant with Little Poppet, I used to imagine her learning to crawl in this open field.  Now that I actually walk through it, I realise there's just a little bit too much Canada goose poo for my liking. haha
Amid all this greenery and life, there's still evidence of what a harsh winter it was.  The rabbits and deer were hungry.

Day 22
Speaking of geese, we walked along the canal today, that leads to the lake.  Saw some geese, and lots of people fishing.

Day 23
We walked around our neighbourhood today and looked at some of the gorgeous houses that we wish we lived in.  We can afford to, but there's no reason to buy, since we could end up moving when Husband lands his dream job.  In the meantime, we just walk around, and dream of mortgages and gardens.  
Found some Star-of-Bethlehem growing by the side of the road amongst some clover
Oh, and we saw an old telephone pole completely overtaken by... carpenter ants?
Day 24
More geese... and goslings too!  And ducks and ducklings!  You guessed it--we walked to the lake again today!  It was much too cold for a swim, but I bet it will be nice in a few days!

Day 25
We took a quick stroll along the waterway again today.  The birds were so loud, Little Poppet kept straining her head this way and that to see who was chirping at her.
I spotted wild strawberries in bloom. (must remember where I saw them, so I can eat them before the bunnies find them.  mwahahahaha)

Day 26
We went back to the community garden today to see the progress! There was a big bumblebee digging in the dirt (I've never seen that before).

Day 27
Today was such a blast!  We decided to walk to the beach, and let Little Poppet experience her first time "swimming" in a lake, and playing in sand.  Being a typical mother, I spent a concerted effort slathering her in sunscreen and neglected to show myself such attention.  I ended up with a bit of a burn on my back.  Ooops.  

Husband refused to get into the lake past his knees--he decided it was too cold--but Little Poppet and I (the true Finnish Canadians) went for it.  She splashed excitedly whenever I'd dunk her in, and erupt into fits of giggles when I'd lift her back out, as if to say, "Cold water!  What a rush!!  OK... AGAIN!" 

Day 28:  Finally an ugly day!  Haha!  Thankfully it only started to rain after we got home.  Little Poppet and took a stroll somewhere we'd never been before today--under the bridge.  I've always known there was a park under there, but we'd never ventured there before.  We spent some time picking some lilacs for the apartment, and watched a policeman and his K9 play fetch.  

Day 29:  The second last day of our 30X30 Nature Challenge! Today we strolled around the neighbourhood, went to the park, ate a swing, went on a fast mosquito-infested walk through the woods, saw a cardinal, and came back home!  When we left, it was threatening to rain.  But then the sun came out in full force!


30 X 30 Nature Challenge -- Days 11-20

Day 11
Today was my first Mother's Day!  Husband surprised me with a trip to a local winery.  I made sure we spent at least 30 minutes outdoors admiring the land to kick off the second round of the #30x30challenge.  We ended up buying some amazing wines, too (these aren't made with any grapes, so they're not your traditional wines).  They're made using local (or at least Canadian) fruit like northern kiwi, elderberry, wild blueberries, etc. We left with a few bottles!

I also thought it might be fun to dip Little Poppet's feet into the icy cold lake for the first time.  She didn't seem to mind it!  
Day 12: Today we went for yet another run/stroll on the trail near our house.  It was overcast, but so hot still!  And the dandelions are now out in bloom.
Day 13: I wasn't feeling too well today, so we didn't venture very far.  But we still got in our 30 minutes!  Little Poppet loved the sunshine and listened to the birds. She practised crawling and had a ball!  The maple keys are coming out now, and they're a gorgeous coral pink colour.

Day 14: Didn't do anything today except make a sad attempt to stroll around town in the drizzle.  My mom was visiting and we made it to the local bakery to buy some treats. No pretty nature pictures, sorry.

Day 15: Took a long stroll to the lake again today.  Little Poppet actually slept in the stroller by some miracle!

Day 16: Went to the lock today and got some more photos of the crabapple blossoms.  

Day 17: No photos from today!  That's because Little Poppet, Husband and I watched some fireworks to kick off Victoria Day (May two-four) weekend!

Day 18: Went down to the park today and got some family photos done in the grass! Little Poppet loved ripping apart the dandelions.

Day 19: Victoria Day!  Little Poppet, Husband and I went to a chip truck, bought some poutine, and went for a walk by the lake.  It was an unbelievably beautiful day.  I wore shorts! Woohoo!
Day 20: Went for a run on the rotary trail again today!  Little Poppet complained the whole way.  I'm wondering if I need to get her a jogging stroller, or something that rolls a little smoother.  Anyway, I took a couple pictures of the view from the bridge again.  It seems every time I'm there, I see the same people with the same dogs playing at the river's edge.  I wish I had a dog, so badly.  I've had some wonderful dogs in my life, and I want that for Little Poppet too.  I also got some pictures of some of the lilac buds.  The blossoms should be out any day now!