Matryoshka First Birthday Party!

Little Poppet turned 1 year old today.  We had planned to have it outdoors in a lovely courtyard garden behind our apartment complex, but unfortunately we were rained out.  Booo!

So we decorated indoors!  We tried to focus on the colours navy blue and coral to keep things tied together.  Here are some highlights.

Victoria sponge cake with her name (omitted)
Cupcake favours and 12 Little Poppets from newborn to 11 months old

Little Poppets grandma made some simply adorable sugar cookies!
We had a varied menu, but made sure to offer some gluten free options.  These were gluten free chicken salad "sandwiches"with apple and warm brie.  We held them together using toothpicks with funny cards of Little Poppet

I made her a little felt hair clip
We were lucky to find this gorgeous coral, purple and violet bouquet in the grocery store!

And the dress I made her using folksy floral material.  I also had her in little red satin shoes, but our crawling baby prefers to be barefoot!

And I cried my eyes out when we watched her first birthday video.  Thankfully everyone had their eyes glued to the TV screen.  But I nearly lost it in front of everyone when we sang her Happy Birthday.